Petrus Concrete products available in light concrete version

PETRUS EVIDENT DESIGN COLLECTION supports both luxurious and exclusively dominant appearance and the pure and simple colour- and pattern line of minimal trends.


The collection includes several models possessing the advantage of various laying possibilities. The visual rhythms created by the different line systems define the dynamics of the surface. Breaking the patterns emphasizes the presence of the concrete tiles, making them a dominant element of the space. Beyond aesthetics, it also serves directing attention and setting focuses like a visual boost for headings, routes for customers, information point, etc. Meanwhile tiles applied in a symmetric system are accommodating into the atmosphere imagined smoothly, supplying a static background to the elements highlighted.


The variations in the collection enable the visual playing of 3D, perspective, colour- , light- and shadow effects on the surface. The designers of PETRUS EVIDENT DESIGN had the clear vision of creating a luxurious collection of strong aesthetics exploiting the visual possibilities of the compositions supporting practical purposes. The motifs, the variations of sharp and tender lines, the continuity and the breaking of it, the finished formations not only support the aesthetical conception but are tools of directing attention and emphasizing the visual atmosphere.


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Petrus Concrete products available in light concrete version