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As a result of PETRUS’s ongoing technologically research, alongside our Classic Concrete Line, we have developed a new, Light Concrete Line!


Same design concrete tile comes in 40% lighter concrete version thanks to 'Go-Green’, environment friendly components.


Light Concrete 3D and 2D tiles may play key role in installations if weight issues are very important.



  • Handmade
  • Made in the EU, Hungary, Pécs (HQ and production factory is located in a World Heritage ceramic manufacturing area well known for “Zsolnay”
  • Products support both luxurious and exclusively dominant appearance and the pure, colorand pattern line of minimal trend,
  • Indoor and outdoor use at any climate,
  • Set on wall / facade, floor / paving,
  • Combinative laying possibilities,
  • Easy to install (our 'Light-Concrete' line is 40% lighter than classic cement tiles), can be fixed by industry standard adhesives or mechanical solutions,
  • Wide rande of colors (incorporating pigments into the mix design, that results the longer lifespan of the design tiles),
  • All the tiles are treated by sealer
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Petrus Concrete grey logo
Petrus Concrete grey logo
Petrus Concrete grey logo
Petrus Concrete grey logo